Certified HSE Vendor

Escape Hair Loss Clinic is a Certified vendor for the HSE and accepts both medical card holders and private health care patients. As some clients/patients may find form filling and applying for the grant very stressful, Mary will take care of all of your paperwork and allow you more time to concentrate on yourself.

The Application Process

The process for the grant approval can take a few weeks and it is best to have this process started on your first visit to escape. The procedure is as follows:

  • Quote sent to HSE for approval (up to 2 weeks)
  • Medical card approval (again up to 2 weeks)
  • Attain a PO (purchase order) to proceed
  • HSE pay on the claim

As you can see above, this process can take up to two months to finalise. Once you know whether you require either chemotherapy or radiotherapy, you should then contact Mary to let her know, so that she can immediately put your grant application in process. It’s the small things that can put extra pressure on you at this time so delegate as much as you can to ease the stress. All private claims will be filled out as soon as you make your first appointment. Mary will provide you with all that you need regarding your health care claim.

We Are Here When You Need Us

Going through hair loss is not an easy thing to do, it can be a time of sadness, anxiety and even despair, which is why we are here for you when you need us. If you would like to speak to us about your hair loss issues and look at solutions that will help you look and feel like your old self then drop us a line to book your hair loss consultation.

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